pyleecan.Methods.Slot.Hole.plot module

plot(self, fig=None, ax=None, title=None, display_magnet=True, is_add_arrow=False, is_add_ref=False, is_show_fig=True, is_all_hole=False)[source]

Plot the Hole in a matplotlib fig

  • self (Hole) – A Hole object

  • fig – if None, open a new fig and plot, else add to the current one (Default value = None)

  • title (str) – Figure title

  • display_magnet (bool) – if True, plot the magnet inside the hole, if there is any (Default value = True)

  • is_add_arrow (bool) – To add an arrow for the magnetization

  • is_add_ref (bool) – True to add the reference points of the surfaces

  • is_all_hole (bool) – True to plot the Zh holes


  • fig (Matplotlib.figure.Figure) – Figure containing the plot

  • ax (Matplotlib.axes.Axes object) – Axis containing the plot