pyleecan.Methods.Slot.HoleM52R.plot_schematics module

plot_schematics(self, is_default=False, is_add_point_label=False, is_add_schematics=True, is_add_main_line=True, type_add_active=True, save_path=None, is_show_fig=True)[source]

Plot the schematics of the slot

  • self (HoleM51) – A HoleM51 object

  • is_default (bool) – True: plot default schematics, else use current slot values

  • is_add_point_label (bool) – True to display the name of the points (Z1, Z2….)

  • is_add_schematics (bool) – True to display the schematics information (W0, H0…)

  • is_add_main_line (bool) – True to display “main lines” (slot opening and 0x axis)

  • type_add_active (int) – 0: No active surface, 1: active surface as winding, 2: active surface as magnet

  • save_path (str) – full path including folder, name and extension of the file to save if save_path is not None

  • is_show_fig (bool) – To call show at the end of the method