pyleecan.Methods.Slot.Slot.plot_active module

plot_active(self, wind_mat=None, fig=None, ax=None, is_bar=False, is_show_fig=True, enforced_default_color=None, alpha=0, delta=0, is_add_wedge=False)[source]

Plot the active area of the lamination according to the wind_mat

  • self (Slot) – A Slot object

  • wind_mat (numpy.ndarray) – A matrix [Nrad,Ntan,Zs,qs] representing the active (Default value = None)

  • fig – if None, open a new fig and plot, else add to the current one (Default value = None)

  • is_bar (bool) – To adapt the legend text for squirrel cage bar (Default value = False)

  • is_show_fig (bool) – To call show at the end of the method

  • enforced_default_color (str) – If not None enforce the active color (when wind_mat is None)

  • alpha (float) – Angle for rotation (Default value = 0) [rad]

  • delta (Complex) – complex for translation (Default value = 0)

  • is_add_wedge (bool) – True to add the wedges surfaces

Return type:


get_color(wind_mat, Nrad, Ntan, Zs)[source]

Return the color (corresponding phase) for the zone (Nrad,Ntan,Zs)

  • wind_mat – A matrix [Nrad,Ntan,Zs,qs] representing the winding

  • Nrad – Zone radial coordinate

  • Ntan – Zone tagential coordinate

  • Zs – Zone slot number coordinate


color: Color of the zone

Return type: