build_geometry (method)

build_geometry(self, sym=1, alpha=0, delta=0, is_stator=True)[source]

Compute the curve needed to plot the ventilations

  • self (VentilationPolar) – A VentilationPolar object

  • sym (int) – Symetry to apply 2 = half the machine (Default value = 1 => full machine)

  • alpha (float) – Angle for rotation (Default value = 0) [rad]

  • delta (complex) – Complex for translation (Default value = 0)

  • is_stator (bool) – True if ventilation is on the stator and 0 on the rotor (Default value = True)


surf_list – A list of PolarArc

Return type



PolarArcBuildGeometryError – The parameter ‘sym’ must be an integer > 0 The parameter ‘alpha’ must be an int or float The parameter ‘delta’ must be a complex or float or int number