Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Output.OutLoss.plot_losses

from numpy import linspace, array
from SciDataTool.Functions.Plot.plot_2D import plot_2D

[docs]def plot_losses(self, N0_array=None): """Plot the losses as a fct of speed Parameters ---------- self : OutLoss An OutLoss object N0_array : ndarray speed array to use as X axis [rpm] """ if N0_array is None: N0_array = linspace(10, 8000, 100) if self.parent is None: raise Exception("Error: OutLoss is not in Output object") p = self.parent.simu.machine.get_pole_pair_number() array_list = [ array([out_loss.get_loss_scalar(speed / 60 * p) for speed in N0_array]) for out_loss in self.loss_dict.values() ] plot_2D( [N0_array], array_list, xlabel="Speed [rpm]", ylabel="Losses [W]", legend_list=[ for out_loss in self.loss_dict.values()], )