pyleecan.Functions.Plot.animate_as_gif module

animate_as_gif(func, data_list, save_path='./', file_name='animated_plot.gif', index_var='t_index', index_max=50, index_step=1, component_list=None, **kwargs)[source]

Animate an existing plot command as a gif: animate

  • func (function) – plot command

  • data_list (Data or [Data]) – Data object or list to plot

  • save_path (str) – path where to save the gif

  • file_name (str) – name of the gif file

  • index_var (str) – name of the plot parameter along which to animate

  • index_max (int) – maximum value of the index

  • index_step (int) – step for the index (number of frames = index_max / index_step)

  • component_list (list) – list of component names to plot in separate figures

  • kwargs (dict) – parameters of func