Objectives & features


PYLEECAN’s objective is to provide a user-friendly, unified, flexible simulation framework for the multiphysic design and optimization of electrical machines and drives based on open-source software. It is meant to be used by researchers, R&D engineers and teachers in electrical engineering, both on standard topologies of electrical machines and on novel topologies (e.g. during a PhD work). An objective of PYLEECAN is that every PhD student should start with PYLEECAN instead of implementing his own routines (e.g. coupling Scilab and Femm).


PYLEECAN will include all the following key features to fulfill its objectives:

Features PYLEECAN 1.0
Python-based open-source software Yes
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Yes
Object-oriented modeling of electrical machines and drives Yes
Multi-physic simulation of electrical machines No(only magnetostatics)
Different levels of modeling accuracy (e.g. analytic and numeric) Yes
Multi-objective optimization loops including parallelization No
Output data visualization scripts Yes
Online detailed documentation No